Who we are

Established in 2016, we are a  digital marketing agency comprised of a close-knit team of search specialists, passionate at delivering results today as we were when we started. We are all about best practice, transparency and results.

What we are

A friendly, collaborative and close-knit team of search specialists, based in Johannesburg; we are all about best practice, transparency and delivering great results.

Connecting you to your customers is the key muscle of what we do. We know what we are talking about and we help you to meet your targets through innovative and effective search, social media and digital marketing strategies.

What we’re not

We’re not arrogant or hard to talk to, we are in a business of keeping clients not chasing them away. We won’t baffle you with jargon or promise you the unachievable. We aren’t vague or unreasonable and we will not try to take advantage of you because of your status, or your limited knowledge in our field. 


Grafiks was founded on the core principles of integrity, excellence, transparency and teamwork.

We employ people who believe in these principles, and who are passionate about achieving results through great digital marketing.  Your priorities are our priorities. The success of our business is directly linked to the success of our clients’ businesses, so we undertake any project as though it were our very own business that we are marketing. 

Lastly, as mentioned already, we are very transparent about our services, as to what we can and what we cannot do. We are also very transparent about our pricing because we believe it to be very fair. We always discuss that before the commencement of any project to protect the rights of both parties.

Some of Our Clients

These are some of the clients we have done work for, either through design, digital marketing or by supplying them with physical to digital products